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Mama Luna was founded 15 years ago arguably by a total accident. There was no company vision or 400 page business plans. Mama Luna was born out of pure spiritually motivated influence. As the founder I am often asked how the company got started and the truth is it began by searching for a purpose greater than my own.  

In 2008 I began the journey to immense myself into the world of healing and spiritual fortification. That path lead me on a wonderful and fulfilling adventure in which I learned how to take better control of my life experiences. It was soon after that period in time that I discovered the healing properties in jewelry that had been widely known and used for centuries. Once I understood the power of sacred stones it became evident that I would have to share this gift with the world. 


Mama Luna is dedicated to creating inspirational jewelry that provides protection and healing properties as well as being stylish and affordable. We have now also ventured into creating custom made apparel to add to our spiritually motivated collections.


Every item is handmade with love that you will feel the moment you put it on.  


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